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Unmatched Chè, Incredible Tea Selection, Bold Coffee Drinks and Exotic Fruit Smoothies & Juices
lychee nuts
Our 6 Favorite Chè
Bambu Special Che
#1  Bambu Special

Fresh Coconut Juice with Longan, Basil Seed, Coconut Meat and Pandan Jelly

Awesome Trio Che
#3  Awesome Trio

Coconut Milk with Red, White & Mung Beans; Taro and Pandan Jelly

Smashed Avocado Che
#5  Smashed Avocado

Fresh Avocado with Pearls, Combo Jelly, Coffee Brick Jelly and Condensed Milk

Fruit Addict Che
#6  Fruit Addict

Coconut Milk with Jello, Lychee, Longan, Jackfruit, Palm Seed, Red Tapioca, Coconut Meat and Pandan Jelly

Bambu Favorite Che
#10  Bambu Favorite

Coconut Milk with Pandan Jelly, Red Tapioca and Grass Jelly

Coconut Combo Che
#11  Coconut Combo

Fresh Coconut Juice, Jello, Lotus Seed, Longan & Coconut Milk

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